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It’s common knowledge that there is no extinguishing agent more potent than water. With its massive cooling power of 2.6 MW per litre per second, water kills even the largest of fires in minutes. But even fire’s worst adversary has its shortcomings. Using water directly on an electrically started blaze can be a fatal mistake.

What you need is cutting-edge technology that changes water’s natural form so that it can fight fires without causing any collateral damage. Ceasefire’s cutting-edge Watermist technology makes it suitable to be used on electrical fires and increases the coverage area many times over, rapidly bringing down the temperature below combustible levels and cutting off the oxygen supply.

How Does This Paradigm Technology Work?

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1. This pioneering technology breaks water down into a fine mist of less than 100 microns.

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3. As soon as the mist comes into contact with the fire, it instantly turns into steam, increasing its volume by 1600 times.

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2. This mist is then thrown at the fire with an optimal kinetic force, covering a large surface area.

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4. The steam envelopes the flames, cutting off the oxygen supply and reducing the temperature to below the combustion level. This ensures that even the largest fire succumbs to Watermist technology in seconds.

Widest Range of Watermist-Based Extinguishers and Suppression Systems

Ceasefire offers a full-spectrum range of Watermist-based extinguishers and suppression systems to suit the needs of every kind of premises and application.