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The Ceasefire ecosystem has evolved to encompass a very dynamic and diverse range of fire safety product solutions that truly complement each other. The result is a 360 degree, holistically-integrated range that can address any kind of fire safety requirement for any kind of premises with utmost perfection.


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Wide range of Portable & Trolley Mounted Fire Extinguishers

ABC Powder, Water & CO2-based extinguishers. Certified to EN3 / EN1866 standards.


Portable & Trolley Mounted Watermist-based Extinguishers

Exclusive range of Watermist-based portable and trolley mounted fire extinguishers, ready to fight large fires without any collateral damage.

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Special Application Fire Extinguishers

Feature-full Clean Agent, Wet Chemical and Special Agent for Class B and Metal Fire-based fire extinguishers.


Designer Series Home & Car Fire Extinguishers

ABC Powder & Clean Agent-based fire extinguishers that come in aesthetically pleasing designs and colours.


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Strolleys & Accessories

Carefully designed strolleys and accessories that significantly contribute to the fire safety infrastructure at your premises.


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In-Panel Tube-based Fire Suppression System

Certified by LPCB for LPS1666 Standard Certification for 2 and 4 kg HFC227ea and HFC236Fa gas variants.

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Inert Gas & CO2 Based Suppression Systems

Ceasefire’s VDS approved Inert Gas and CO2 based systems are the greenest and most powerful extinguishing systyems available today in the world.

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Watermist-based Suppression Systems

Watermist-based Systems with LPCB certified nozzles for exclusive application in Offices, Warehouses, Factories, Generator and Transformer areas.

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Specialised Gas-based Suppression Systems

HFC227ea-based System, available in both Engineered and Pre-engineered variants. Certified by LPCB for LPS1230 Standard Certification.

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Retrofittable Suppression Systems

Ceasefire Atom X, retrofittable suppression system that requires minimal pipes and fittings and consumes least amount of your productive work space.

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Hydrant Systems

Completely Independent Watermist-based Hydrant Systems.


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Watermist Based Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Ceasefire Watermist based Kitchen fire suppression uses the cleanest agent available on the planet- Watermist.  Equipped with the next generation detection technology, the system is certified by LPCB for LPS1223 Standard.

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Watermist Based Domestic Kitchen Fire Suppression System

A BSI tested system for domestic kitchen application that uses the clean Watermist as the extinguishing agent and ensures no collateral damage. A retrofittable system that requires no structural change in your home / small kitchens. 

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Wet Chemical Based Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Ceasefire Wet Chemical Kitchen fire suppression is powered by the most potent Wet Chemical agent that kills any kind of kitchen fire within seconds. Using advanced detection the system is certified by LPCB for LPS1223 Standard.

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Wet Chemical Based Domestic Kitchen Fire Suppression System

A BSI tested system for home / small kitchens that uses the powerful Wet Chemical as the extinguishing agent and kills every kind of kitchen fire in seconds.  Being a retrofittable system it is easy to install the system with minimal or no structural change  at all.

Through our extensive fire safety product portfolio, unmatched quality and knowhow, and by bringing high end products to existing, new and lower market denominators, we’ve been known to open market opportunities exponentially for Ceasefire’s Business Associates.

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