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Fire Solutions for 
Fume Cabinets

Fume cabinets play a crucial role in the functioning of laboratories, shielding researchers from unsafe fumes and risky substances. While their main purpose is to provide a shield against harmful elements, they paradoxically possess a susceptibility to catching fire. 


The primary factor is the accumulation of flammable chemicals and vapours within them. When subjected to heat, sparks, or other ignition sources, these concentrations can swiftly combust, resulting in a fire outbreak. Moreover, fires that initiate externally to the cabinet, perhaps due to a nearby chemical spill or explosion, can also contribute to fires in fume cabinets.

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Ceasefire: Where Fire Safety
Meets R

To mitigate fire risks in fume cabinets they must be equipped with customised and automatic fire suppression systems that can quickly detect and extinguish fires. With Ceasefire’s advanced fire suppression system you can take the safety of your fume cabinets to another level. Our state-of-the-art solution is meticulously crafted to detect any sign of fire automatically and take immediate action to extinguish it, all without causing any collateral damage to your valuable equipment.


Our proven record speaks volumes – your business's well-being is our top priority. When you choose Ceasefire, you're not just choosing a fire safety solution. You're opting for a partner that's dedicated to upholding the utmost reliability, protecting your assets, safeguarding your business's continuity, and providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

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Fire Facts That Need Your Attention

Data losses in storage devices used in the laboratories due to fires in a fume cabinet can be significant, with some estimates putting the cost at $1,000 per hour.


- International Association Of Fire Chiefs (IAFC)

Common Causes Of Fire In Fume Hoods


Accumulation of Flammable Substances


Electrical Malfunctions

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Overloading Cabinets


Chemical Spills and Leaks


Blocked Airflow

Safeguards in Just 3 Steps






Extinguishes fire rapidly ensuring safety for individuals, machinery, and surroundings. 


Identifies fire at its origin through specialised Heat Sensing Tube.

The mechanism triggers autonomously, safeguarding even in unattended situations.

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Fusion of Flexibility and Expertise



Detects fires directly

from their origin.

Automatic Quelling

No human intervention required.

Equipment Friendly

Residue free clean extinguishing agent.

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Swift Set Up

Attain full defence within hours.

Self Reliant

Pneumatic mechanical activation, operates without any external power. 

Recommended Fire Solutions for:

Ceasefire fire solutions for Fume Hoods include Heat Sensing Tube Based Systems in In-Direct system options in Clean Agent and CO2 agent options.     

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