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Our products today conform to the highest global standards

And are certified by top-notch agencies in the world.

Ceasefire today has product quality certifications from multiple global agencies. Each of these epitomize safety and performance standards in their own unique way and have laid out some of the most stringent test criteria in the world.


Today, Ceasefire products conform to the highest global standards, and carry a host of international certifications; including BS EN3, BS EN1866, MED, UKCA- MER PED, VDS, ISO 9001 and OHSAS.

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These certifications are our hallmark of quality
What do these Certifications actually mean for the end user? 

A holistic quality audit

Our certifications guarantee that we undergo a holistic audit of our products and processes. Not only the production process, but the entire management process goes in for thorough audits of quality and checks & balances.


Factory Production Control (FPC)


FPC is an important part of our certification process that brings into audit our production process in a completely integrated way. Each tiny component that goes into the making of our extinguisher is traced to its origin and audited.  


More firefighting power

Ceasefire extinguishers being put to the most brutal tests are found to have higher fire fighting power (Fire Ratings) than industry average.


Transparent Online Verification

Audits on After Sales Services and Market Checks

The scope of the audit does not only end at the finished products, but extends to include in it’s scope the checks of extinguishers installed at the customer’s premises.

Superior Quality

The comprehensive tests on quality, performance and safety are designed in a way that they ensure that the certified finished product that reaches the customer carries much superior quality.


Globally Recognised

The global certifications of Ceasefire products ensure standardised quality in our products all over the world. A huge advantage for MNCs and other global corporations who wish to have consistent, world-class quality fire safety across locations, in multiple countries.

These certifications are so open and transparent that customers can cross-check these on Redbooklive at any time for their satisfaction or if necessary to do so before making a purchase.

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