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Water Mist Based Generator Auto Quell System

Water Mist Based Generator Auto Quell System

  • Generators produce a lot of heat. They’re also powered by fuel, and placed in areas that are difficult to access quickly. By the time a fire is detected, it could be too late. 


    Ceasefire's Watermist Generator Auto-Quell System is a revolutionary, all-purpose detection and fire suppression system. Being a watermist-based system, it tackles fires efficiently, and helps reduce the time and money taken to clean up and re-establish damaged assets. 


    The system uses a network of detection devices, special watermist nozzles and a connection either to a water tank or water cylinders installed in the micro-environment. In the event of a fire, the system kicks into action in seconds.


    The specially designed nozzles dispense watermist, made up of microscopic droplets of water (below 70 microns), onto the fire affected area, quickly putting out the flames as well as bringing the temperature down to non-combustion levels.



    • Classification: Works on A, B, C, and electrical Fires, and is suitable for a variety of applications.


    • Self-Actuating: Featuring an inbuilt detection mechanism that leads to instant and automatic activation, the system eliminates the need for human intervention.


    • 24x7 Protection: Being automated, the system is in a perpetual state of readiness to combat a fire as soon as it breaks out.


    • Quick Installation: Simple design, and can be installed within a few hours, which means a significant reduction in labour costs and downtime.


    • Long Lasting: Its rugged quality ensures it can withstand even harsh conditions where other types of detection systems might be rendered inadequate.


    • Environmentally Friendly: Unlike other fire fighting agents like Fluorocarbons, Dry Chemical Powders, etc., Watermist does not have any effect on the ozone layer nor does it contribute to global warming.


    • Non-Conductive: The droplet size is <70 microns. Such a small-sized droplet has little kinetic energy. Being light, it floats in the air and is non-conductive up to 35 kva.


    • High Standards: Built to Ceasefire’s high standards, which are in compliance with international quality standards.


    • Low Water Usage: Watermist uses only 20% of the water as compared to conventional water-based systems.


    • Extra Security for People: Screening: The small droplets of mist fall over a larger surface, creating a perfect barrier for thermal radiation, thus providing effective protection against fire for firefighters and people in the vicinity.


    • Post-Fire Damage Reduction: About 80% of the damages resulting from a fire are not caused directly by the flames, but by the extinguishing action. Since the mist, with an appropriate (high) degree of dispersion, fully evaporates in the fire environment, it leaves behind no collateral damage.


    • Economical: Water as an agent does not cost anything. Traditionally the amount of water required is significantly low. Which in turn means smaller water reservoirs and pumps with lesser construction and procurement costs.


    • Certification: Tested by IBS. 


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