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Portable Water Mist Based Extinguishers

Portable Water Mist Based Extinguishers

  • The revolutionary new Watermist Extinguishers are designed to combat Class A, F and electrically started fires.

    Specially designed rotors in the extinguisher mixes water and air in a pre-set proportion to generate a fine mist of 40-60 micron molecules. These tiny droplets have a surface area coverage many times higher than water. (The principle is simple: the smaller the particles of water, the further they spread and the faster they cool.)

    The mist is then propelled through a specially designed nozzle, giving it a large throw. On coming in contact with the flames, it turns into steam and envelopes the flames, this is called the blanketing effect. Water cools the fire down to below combustion levels and cut-off the oxygen supply. Without oxygen or heat, the fire dies out, in seconds.

    Because this isn’t water in its natural state, the dangers of electrocution and flooding are eliminated. Which means, this powerful, reliable, efficient extinguisher can be used on most kinds of fire, including electrically started fires.

    What’s more, since no synthetics or chemicals are used in the process, Watermist causes absolutely no collateral damage to your property or the environment.


    Ceasefire's Portable Watermist extinguishers range consists of 2 Ltrs., 3 Ltrs., 6 Ltrs., and 9 Ltrs. size variants in Stainless Steel containers.



    Size  Ratings
    2 Ltr 5A, 25F
    3 Ltr 8A, 25F
    6 Ltr 13A, 75F
    9 Ltr 21A, 75F
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