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Fixing Electricity Lines

Ceasefire's Globally Certified
In-Panel Fire Suppression Systems 

Ideally suited to fire proof electrical panels, CNC Machines, Wind Turbines, Engine Compartments or any  enclosed space that needs fire protection.


Introducing Ceasefire's Quick Response System Pre- engineered System-


At Ceasefire, we not only understand the paramount significance of safeguarding highrisk micro-environments but also the complexities involved in acquiring such specialised systems for your premises.


This is why we innovated and brought for our customers the In-Panel Fire Suppression Systems in a Pre-Engineered version. These systems are meticulously designed to offer instant, off-the-shelf, ready-to-deploy fire safety solutions for high-risk enclosed spaces.


Ceasefire's Pre-engineered Fire Suppression Systems are designed as pre-configured and pre-packaged solutions, incorporating standardised system components in their quickto-install and ready-to-use form.

These systems have been optimised to streamline your fire protection processes, ensuring that we have a system version available to suit your specific requirements.

Wide variety of extinguishing agents for wider applications to protect most diverse kind of spaces.

The system comes in a host of extinguishing agents like ABC MAP90 Powder, Fluoroketone (FK), Fluorine Free Foam in Low Pressure and CO2 in High Pressure technology, making the system highly versatile and applicable to a large number of spaces.

CQRS Family.png

System Variants

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