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CQRS Direct - Pre Engineered (CO2)

CQRS Direct - Pre Engineered (CO2)

  • At Ceasefire, we not only understand the paramount significance of safeguarding highrisk micro-environments but also the complexities involved in acquiring such specialised systems for your premises.


    This is why we innovated and brought for our customers the In-Panel Fire Suppression Systems in a Pre-Engineered version. These systems are meticulously designed to offer instant, off-the-shelf, ready-to-deploy fire safety solutions for high-risk enclosed spaces.


    Ceasefire's Pre-engineered Fire Suppression Systems are designed as pre-configured and pre-packaged solutions, incorporating standardised system components in their quickto-install and ready-to-use form.


    These systems have been optimised to streamline your fire protection processes, ensuring that we have a system version available to suit your specific requirements.

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