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Make a profitable new connection!

Meet us to make a profitable new connection in the fire trade with a trusted, globally certified manufacturer.


Ceasefire UK, an offshoot of a global fire safety conglomerate and a leading manufacturer of a 360-degree integrated fire safety solutions, is today a fast emerging name in the UK fire trade with over 150 Trade Partners successfully selling our cutting edge fire solutions in the United Kingdom. Our range includes a complete line of Fire Extinguishers, In Panel Protection Systems, Room Suppression Systems and Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems, and we focus on total delivery to meet your needs, with ready to ship stock from our Birmingham based warehouse.

We are looking to appoint even more business partners in the UK. Join our growing network and you will have access to our complete range, as well as unrivalled training and support.

At FireX, Excel London, 16th, 17th & 18th May 2023.

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