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Wet Chemical Based Portable Extinguishers​

Wet Chemical Based Portable Extinguishers​

  • In commercial kitchens, the liberal use of fire and the presence of combustible substances make it easy for a fire to flare up. Designed to fight kitchen oil and fat fires, Ceasefire’s Wet Chemical fire extinguisher uses an environmentally friendly foaming agent that blankets the flames, cuts off the supply of oxygen, and cools the oil to below the self-ignition point.


    Ceasefire Wet Chemical extinguishers come in 3 Ltrs, 6 Ltrs, and 9 Ltrs. variants in both Mild Steel and Stainless Steel containers. 



    Size  Ratings
    3 Ltr 8A, 40F
    6 Ltr 13A, 75F
    9 Ltr 21A, 75F
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