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UKCA-MER Approved ABC Powder Based Extinguishers (Portable)

UKCA-MER Approved ABC Powder Based Extinguishers (Portable)

  • Few minutes. That’s all the time a spark takes to grow into a raging fire on a ship or port and get out of control. That’s also all the time you get to fight the flames and stop the fire from spreading & saving the vessel.

    Ceasefire's UKCA-MER Approved ABC extinguishers are built for speed, power and reliability when it comes to fighting Class A, B, C and electrically started fires. A simple two-step activation mechanism allows you to fight the fire within seconds. The very best Mono Ammonium Phosphate maximises the firefighting power available to you.

    Stringent quality control and multiple point testing systems ensure that these extinguishers will deliver in a fire emergency onboard a ship or a boat.


    Ceasefire’s ABC Powder portable range of extinguishers come in 2Kg, 4Kg, 6Kg, 9kg and 12Kg size variants and are Stored-pressure type extinguishers, in Mild steel container bodies. 

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