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Metal Fire Fighter SPM - Pyro

Metal Fire Fighter SPM - Pyro

  • Using the wrong extinguishing agent on a Class D fire may cause more damage than the fire itself. Other than the extreme threat that all metal fires pose, one common characteristic is that all of them react violently, often exploding, when they come in contact with water.

    So what is the solution to a raging metal fire? You go for SPM-PYRO!


    Metals such as Plutonium, Titanium can react & burn at temperatures in excess of 5000°C. Heavy Metal FE from CF contains a highly specialized extinguishing agent, SPM PYRO is designed specifically to combat metal Fires at higher temperatures and is effective against fires involving heavy metals.


    The range comes in 4Kg, 6Kg, and 9Kg variants in Mild Steel containers. 

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