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In-Panel Tube Based Fire Suppression System (CQRS)-Indirect

In-Panel Tube Based Fire Suppression System (CQRS)-Indirect


  • The revolutionary Ceasefire Quick Response Indirect System - combines ground-breaking technology with functional simplicity. In this system the fire detection is done by the advanced Heat Sensing Tube which is snaked at all the vulnerable points inside an enclosed space. In case of a fire, the heat-sensing tube bursts and releases the extinguishing agent through a sperate discharge line from specially designed nozzles onto the fire. This makes it especially beneficial for microenvironments where the fire hazards is likely to be in a compartmentalised enclosed space.

    The Ceasefire Indirect Tube Based Systems comes in both Low Pressure and High Pressure Variants.

    The agent choices in Low Pressure Systems are Fluoroketone (FK) and ABC Powder (Map 90). On the other hand, agent in High Pressure Systems is C02 gas.

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