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CF 3000 ​Watermist Hydrant System

CF 3000 ​Watermist Hydrant System

  • Ceasefire CF3000 with water mist technology maximises the firefighting and cooling properties of water, and increases it manifold.


    It's highly dependable and being a standalone firefighter, you don’t need to worry about issues like malfunctioning pipelines and wear and tear on parts that affect commercially available hydrants. What’s more, while other hydrants run dry and other fire extinguishers are exhausted before putting out all the flames, CF 3000 continues the fight against fire much longer.


    Featuring the same potent firefighting power as conventional hydrants with much more efficient usage of water, CF 3000 uses just 60 litres of water where a normal hydrant would need thousands of gallons to achieve the same results. It also features an AFFF Foam additive option for increased extinguishing power.


    Being a self-contained, standalone firefighting device, CF 3000 is suitable for locations with no ready supply of compressed air and water. This easy-to-use system features an in-built pressure container, water storage unit and an optional foam supply unit. In an emergency, all you need to do is pull out the long hose, activate the device and instantly you’ll be armed with CF 3000’s immense firefighting power.


    In other words, there is virtually no limit to its fire suppression power.

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