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Product of the month – The Atom X

Do your clients demand fire suppression systems but have no time for downtime, no space for floor fixtures or need to control costs? What if you work with a heritage brand who have no other option but to retrofit with the least disruption possible?

One of most innovative and impressive products is the Atom X. If you need an automatic fire suppression system for 24/7 suppression but find that conventional systems have issues your clients can't tolerate, this could be the solution for you.

A total flooding system may come with costs that are not suitable for clients. The Atom X is remarkable as it doesn't require the extensive pipes, fittings, ducts and associated plumbing work of a traditional system. It is both highly cost effective and can be installed without any effect on daily operations, ideal for premises such as large VPOS or hospitals who are unable to halt operations to install.

Next generation retro fittable, the Atom X also works for small space environments. Able to be ceiling or wall mounted, productive floor space isn't taken up, and the device is at no risk of tampering.

The Atom X is triggered to detect through a control panel. The spherical containers, detection devices and control panel all work together. Smoke and heat detectors alert the panel to the presence, before waiting for two detectors to be activated to confirm a fire. The control panel then achieves total flooding within seconds.

Atom X is available in ABC Dry Powder and the clean agent based Fluroketone gas. Choose a clean agent based system with clean gas and no collateral damage for premises with high valuable assets, or electrical control rooms, server rooms/ racks, or a dry powder system, suitable for warehouses, and chemical storage areas. Both are available in volumes from 2kg up to 15kg.

Let us pick the detection system the premises you are working with. We'll customise the agent and the control panel - taking fire safety to a whole new level.

You can see it at The Fire Safety Event 2021 - or why not arrange a one to one demo at our onsite premises?

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