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Is the fire safety trade ready for the office migration?

As workers across the country head back to offices, fire safety has gone from being just one person's responsibility to being front of mind for leaders in all businesses. Your customers may be on the phone demanding new solutions, or blissfully unaware of their responsibilities now the office environment has changed.

If you work in the fire trade, now is the time to offer as many solutions as you can to the various problems that may have arisen in the last 18 months.

At Ceasefire, we can help. We're helping trade partners avoid price hikes, access ready to go UK stock and serving some of the most innovative fire safety solutions in the world.

What are the challenges you need to communicate to your customers?

Issue: Their equipment may now represent a fire hazard

Tidying cables, PAT testing and other hygiene factors have all become essential. When businesses' have allowed IT equipment to be taken from the offices to enable working from home, that means that the whole computer, monitor and associated electronic devices will have been uprooted and shoehorned into home working environments. After a year and a half being subjected to children tugging and tripping over cables, dogs chewing on laptops and hamsters nesting in printers, back to work equipment inspections should be prominent on every business' IT departments/ Office Manager’s checklist.

What to do: Offer a checklist and support your clients in helping them understand the rules and regulations and offer new products that help meet their new concerns.

Issue: New offices areas are now in use

Now new office areas may be in use due to social distancing. This means that there may be additional requirements for fire safety solutions. There are also plastic dividers in between desks, sanitising stations and other areas that attract people and other hazards. During the lockdown, important areas such as server racks or even the canteen may have changed location and they may not return. While extinguishers may have filled a gap in requirements, they may be taking up space. They may well need a better solution.

What to do: Offer retrofitted options that can be fitted with minimal downtime and disruption. Ask them to consider areas where damage would be devastating, and consider some of the newer water mist technologies for these spaces.

Issue: Customers utilising hybrid and home work permanently want to supply their teams with fire safety solutions

It is an unusual but welcome change - employers are now concerned with home safety of employees. There is a booming market for employers wanting to kit their teams out with small, in-home use extinguishers that take up minimal space and look great. This is one area where you can reach out to customers and offer them something they may not have considered.

What to do: Speak to your customers about their role in minimising fires while the employee is at work from a different location. Showcase some of the more 'consumer friendly' models available.

How can we help?

At Ceasefire, we want to ensure that the fire trade moves with the times. We are always here to support exciting and new partners with the products of the future. To discover more, speak to us today.

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