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Feeling the heat from price hikes? Diversify your supply

It has been 18 months of change and disruption, and as the UK eases into reopening, what does this mean for fire safety? For some businesses, there’s been an increased interest in reaching new suppliers who can help them diversify their range.

If your supplier is putting up costs, you might not be alone. Recent research by Accenture found that 94% of Fortune 1000 companies were seeing supply chain disruptions from the pandemic, with three quarters experiencing negative or strongly negative impacts on their businesses.

Many partners have found that their original partnerships are not able to deliver in these tricky times, and as the impact of Brexit also creates multiple difficulties and unforeseen costs, now may be the time to change and make a new connection.

Chris Dixon, UK Sales Director at Ceasefire has seen a real interest in companies looking for UK based partnerships as the restrictions lift.

“We are scheduled to showcase our range at the upcoming Fire Safety Event in Birmingham in early September, and we have already had a huge increase in calls from partners looking to kickstart a new relationship with experts on shore with a better and more comprehensive range. Everyone has an interest in diversifying if it safeguards their business. While extinguishers might be doing well now, the new changes to the office means that retrofittable systems and water mists might be more appropriate, There’s also going to be a real switch into green solutions.

Any stock issues now seem to be ironing themselves out, despite the Brexit changes, the recommendations made in the new Building Safety Bill and of course, the loosening of overall restrictions from COVID-19 having an impact,

We believe for businesses looking to protect themselves from any further disruption, and to safeguard themselves for the future,

Our purpose built warehouse offers UK stock and delivery on site and Ceasefire UK is determined to have a strong presence in the UK to surpass the issues with delivery and sourcing offshore that many are facing.”

Meet the team

Ceasefire UK will have a team on the stand at the Fire Safety Event on the 7th, 8th and 9th September with a purpose built stand showcasing their full range, including extinguishers, in panel systems, kitchen systems and suppression systems. If you would like to mitigate the risk of outages and access a profitable, reliable inventory, speak to the team. Meeting sessions can be prebooked for the

event here -

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