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Witness Ceasefire's extensive range of firefighting solutions at Interschutz 2022

Ceasefire is showcasing its latest firefighting technologies at Interschutz 2022.
Credits - Interschutz, Ceasefire is showcasing its latest firefighting technologies at Interschutz 2022.

The last few years have been challenging for everyone, including the fire industry. It changed everything, except our dedication to overcoming challenges. With everything returning to normal, the countdown to Interschutz 2022 has begun.

Exhibitors are looking forward to Interschutz 2022 after a long wait. It will be an opportunity for them to interact and work collaboratively to sustain, expand, or form new networks.

With only a few days till the doors open for the world's leading fire and rescue exhibition, the industry is looking forward to the show next week. The Interschutz exhibition is expected to attract over 1500 exhibitors and over 160,000 professionals, according to organisers.

Ceasefire is delighted to participate in Interschutz 2022 and showcase its vast and unique line of firefighting technology. While the rest of the world was in lockdown, we chose to invest in innovation to upgrade our products and quality certifications for our trade partners and clients.

We can't wait to show the world our latest firefighting technologies including fire extinguishers, kitchen suppression systems, in-panel systems, total flooding systems, accessories and more at Interschutz 2022. Our team will be in Germany for the exhibition next week at Stand No. 012 D41 and would be pleased to discuss your product needs. We're excited about meeting current and potential business partners.

Click the button below to book an appointment with us. We'll see you there!


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