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UKCA-MER Approved Foam Mist- Portable Extinguishers

UKCA-MER Approved Foam Mist- Portable Extinguishers

  • Ceasefire Foammist Based extinguisher range harness the combined power of the revolutionary watermist technology and foam in portable extinguishers. The UKCA MER and EU MED certification ensures that these extinguishers work in the harsh humid conditions in or around he sea. The extinguishing agent is 99% water and 1% foam based chemical.


    The foam-mist based fire fighting system forms a foam blanket on top of the fire, thereby eliminating entry of oxygen and killing the fire instantly, thus proving to be life saviours in deep seas.


    Simultaneously, the extinguisher’s water-mist component has a tremendous cooling effect that ensures there is no re-ignition of fire to safeguard the vessel. It is effective against class A, class B, electrically started fire and kitchen fire. There is no flooding related collateral damage and absolutely safe to be used in the presence of crew & passengers onboard.

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