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Launcher (Extinguisher + Modular Suppression System)

Launcher (Extinguisher + Modular Suppression System)

  • Ceasefire Launcher - This highly featureful and automatic fire extinguisher is truly a multi tasker. One, it works as an extinguisher; two, takes over firefighting when the fire becomes too big to handle; and three, turns into a suppression system when no one is around.


    A futuristic product powered by MAP 90 it takes firefighting to a level the world has yet to experience. In the event of a large fire, it allows the firefighter to launch the fire extinguisher in the direction of the flames and rush to safety, while the extinguisher automatically activates and extinguishes the flames.

    When no one is around to detect the fire, this one-of-a-kind extinguisher launches into a standalone, modular suppression system when it senses a rise in temperature approx 68°C / 155°F. 


    Ensuring that no fire ever goes undetected and unaddressed, the biggest pro of this revolutionary extinguisher is that it eliminates the need for the firefighter to go near the fire. 


    Ceasefire Launcher range comes in 4Kg, 6Kg and 9Kg size variants in Mild Steel container bodies.



    Size  Ratings Coverage Area
    4 Kg 21A, 144B 3.30m2
    6 Kg 27A, 183B 5.88m2
    9 Kg 43A, 233B 9.29m2
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