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In-Panel Fire Suppression System Direct Low Pressure (FK-5-1-12)

In-Panel Fire Suppression System Direct Low Pressure (FK-5-1-12)

  • Introducing Ceasefire’s Quick Response System, a revolutionary firefighting solution which combines ground-breaking technology with functional simplicity to keep what’s precious, safe.

    When the flame comes in contact with the heat-sensitive tubing and reaches a temperature of 150 - 180°C, the tubing bursts open at that exact spot and the distinctive rupture characteristics of the tube creates a miniature nozzle-like discharge port, directly aiming the discharge towards the heat/fire source to douse the fire completely.

    The Clean Agent FK based system is ideally suited for enclosed areas sensitive equipment’s are involved and the risk of collateral damage is high , as FK being a clean agent leaves no residue post fire fighting.

    The agent is a completely green one with < 1GWP and 0 ODP making it one of the most earth friendly available worldwide.

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