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DS - 6Ltr Foam Mist- Portable Extinguishers

DS - 6Ltr Foam Mist- Portable Extinguishers

  • For centuries, fire has destroyed lives and property around the world. And man has done everything in his power to defeat this fatal enemy. From bucketfuls of sand to highly advanced chemical powders and additives to utterly sophisticated fire engines. But none of these have ever matched the cleanest extinguishing agent known to man: water.

    This all-natural extinguishing agent causes no collateral damage at all – not to your premises, not to the ozone. It’s brutal on fires, but gentle on the environment. This tremendously powerful agent cools at 2.6 MW per litre per second.

    But in a real life fire situation, you’d need hundreds of litres of water to achieve such cooling power. Or a technological revolution in firefighting that gives water 400 times the power.

    Fortunately, Ceasefire has just the solution.

    The revolutionary new GreenMist System is designed to combat Class A, B, C, F and electrically started fires. Here’s how the system keeps your property and the environment safe:

    A specially designed rotary in the GreenMist System mixes water and air in a pre-set proportion to generate a fine mist of 40-60 micron molecules. These tiny droplets have a surface area coverage many times higher than water.

    The principle is simple: the smaller the particles of water, the further they spread and the faster they cool.

    The mist is then propelled through a specially designed nozzle, giving it a throw of over 10 feet. On contact with the flames, the mist turns into steam and envelopes the fire. This blanket effect cools the blaze down and brings the oxygen supply to below combustion levels.

    Without oxygen or heat, the fire dies out. In seconds.

    Because this isn’t water in its natural state, the dangers of electrocution and flooding are eliminated. Which means, this powerful, reliable, efficient extinguisher can be used on all kinds of fires – including fires in petrol and diesel and electrically started fires.

    What’s more, since no synthetics or chemicals are used in the process, GreenMist causes absolutely no collateral damage. Just stops a fire dead in its tracks.

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