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B Plus Powder Based Extinguishers

B Plus Powder Based Extinguishers

  • Ceasefire's B+ quadruples the power of a conventional extinguisher! It's the perfect extinguisher for petrol stations and petrochemical plants. The Ceasefire B+ is ideal for Class B and C fires involving gasoline, alchohol, industrial chemicals, and more. When activated, its unique powder splits into four, covering a large surface area. So when faced with a high risk of class B fires like petrol, diesel, etc. You go for B+.


    The range comes in 2 Kg, 4 Kg, 6 Kg, and 9 Kg variants in Mild Steel containers.



    Size Ratings
    2 Kg 89B
    4 Kg 233B
    6 Kg 233B
    9 Kg 233B
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