ABC Powder Based Extinguishers (Trolley Mounted) Stored Pressure Type

ABC Powder Based Extinguishers (Trolley Mounted) Stored Pressure Type

  • Ceasefire plus is a one of a kind plus-size stored pressure ABC powder based extinguisher. Highly mobile and quick to activate due to its trolley mounted design and stored pressure technology, it is literally a mini fire engine that can protect the entire premises.

    Unlike most large sized trolley-based extinguishers that take time to activate, this revolutionary product is designed to engaged at the simple turn of a valve. Powered by Mono Ammonium Phosphate – MAP 90, the highest form of ABC powder used for firefighting, the Ceasefire Plus can instantly battle A, B, C as well as electric fires with ease. Making it the most effective plus-sized system in the country.

    This revolutionary stored pressure system – the first ever in India – is so easy to use, it requires practically no training at all. This means that the first person at the scene of the fire can take firefighting into their own hands, saving precious time.

    The Ceasefire Plus was built to take on large fires quickly and easily. These MAP 90 powered systems are available in 25 kg, 50 kg and 75 kg variants, ensuring that there’s enough firefighting power to take on the flames and extinguish them completely.

    But no matter the size, at the end of the day, the Ceasefire Plus is built for quick action. Propped on wheels, the Ceasefire Plus can easily be rushed to the scene of the fire without wasting any time.