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ABC Powder Based Automatic Fire Extinguishers (Wall Mounted)

ABC Powder Based Automatic Fire Extinguishers (Wall Mounted)


  • Ceasefire’s Automatic Fire Extinguisher addresses two simple problems; first of fire safety and second of space crunch. Being an automatic extinguisher it is ideal for spaces like boats and engine compartments that are not just prone to fire but also have limited space, where installing an extinguisher can be a challenge.


    Ceasefire Automatic Fire Extinguishers come equipped with wall mounting brackets that make it extremely easy to install the extinguisher on the wall.


    The Automatic Fire Extinguisher is available in ABC Powder making it ideal for a wide range of applications.


    What makes the extinguisher even more versatile is the optional telescopic mounting mechanism that can make the extinguisher reach closest to the area of threat. This makes it capable of protecting specific spots or assets that are at high fire risk.


    Ceasefire Automatic Fire Extinguisher is a one of-a-kind extinguisher that works as a standalone, modular suppression system. Ensuring that no fire goes undetected and unaddressed. The biggest pro of this advanced extinguisher is that it eliminates the need to manually address the fire.


    The thermal actuator detects the rising temperature of the area and activates automatically, even when no one is around, ensuring that the fire is brought under control early and efficiently.


    The optional telescopic arms of the Automatic Fire Extinguisher bring the extinguishers closer to the threat and guard the targeted areas that are at high fire risk. Ultimately, improving the chance of early fire detection and effective fire fighting.


    Ceasefire ABC Powder Automatic Extinguishers come in 1Kg, 2Kg, 4Kg, 6Kg and 9Kg size options in Mild Steel containers to address a wide variety of applications.  



    Size  Coverage Area
    1 Kg 1.6 m2
    2 Kg 2.3 m2
    4 Kg 6.3 m2
    6 Kg 9.8 m2
    9 Kg 19.2 m2
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