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Fluorine Free Foam Portable Extinguishers

Fluorine Free Foam Portable Extinguishers

  • The Problem


    Traditional foam fire extinguishers contain or may contain Perfluorooctanesulfonicacid (PFOS) or Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA).


    These fluorine chemicals being associated with C8 chemistry are extremely stable and remain mobile in the environment for decades.


    These chemicals are a risk to the environment and human health, being a persistent organic pollutant (also termed as forever chemicals) found to accumulate in the general environment and human tissues with deleterious effects to both.


    Understanding this serious environmental concern, governments across the globe are recognizing the need for a balance between effective firefighting and ecological responsibility, and have begun to shape the discourse around the usage of foam-based extinguishing agents.


    The Solution


    Recognizing the dynamic shifts in industry requirements and the urgent call for environmentally conscious solutions, Ceasefire’s presents Fluorine-Free FoamExtinguishers. Positioned at the forefront of innovation, Ceasefire’s Fluorine-Free Foam Extinguishers are first of its kind that are poised to redefine the standards of fire safety, offering not just a product but a game-changing approach towards safeguarding lives and the environment.


    Ceasefire’s Fluorine-Free Foam technology has pioneered an innovative range of extinguishers that completely eliminate the use of fluorine.


    This Fluorine-Free technology not only ensures uncompromised fire extinguishing capability but also aligns with global environmental sustainability goals. Engineered to provide a safer and eco-friendly alternative, Ceasefire's Fluorine-Free Foam Fire Extinguishers mark a significant leap towards a greener and more responsible future in fire safety.


    As the industry shifts towards more environmentally conscious solutions, our Fluorine-Free Foam Extinguishers stand as a testament to Ceasefire's commitment to both effective firefighting and ecological responsibility.


    Ceasefire’s Fluorine-Free Extinguishers are available in 3 ltrs, 6 ltrs, and 9 ltrs in plastic coated Mild Steel containers

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