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Updated: Jan 6, 2021

The United Kingdom is one of the most economically developed and technologically advanced nations in the world. The world has seen some state-of-the-art technologies emerging from the UK.

Being a consumer in a mature market such as the UK has its own privileges; customers here have some of the best choices of products and services at their disposal. The same is true for fire trade. However there are some areas which, if addressed can take the customer satisfaction levels to unprecedented highs.

There has been a rapid advancement in the sphere of fire fighting technologies. Fire companies in UK are already offering some of the best solutions to their customers. However, most brands here have moved into specialised areas and attained expertise in specific directions. While some brands focus on fire extinguishers, others have their expertise in the world of suppression systems and quite a few have found their niche in the cabinet protection solutions.

However, if there was a brand, that could bring together a unified 360-degree fire fighting portfolio under one roof and address the varied kind of fire safety needs in the market; customer satisfaction can be turned into customer delight.

Nevertheless, this is easier said than done. To be able to offer a product solution in all genres of fire safety one requires a multi-faceted organisation with an extensive bandwidth. Each product line requires a full-fledged organisational support from the back end. This entails robust manufacturing capabilities for a diverse product portfolio, designing & commissioning the systems be it kitchen systems, room systems or cabinet protection systems on basis of the highly specific certification standards to finally ensuring a smooth delivery, installation and after sales support to the products.

This scenario is soon to change in the UK. A leading fire safety brand, manufactured in India with footprints all across the globe is about to enter the UK market with its holistically integrated and globally certified fire fighting ranging from portable extinguishers to total room flooding suppression systems and everything in between unified under one brand name.

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