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Ceasefire - A revolution in the fire safety space of the UK

The fire safety market in the UK is a peculiar one. While the trade at large is among the most advanced in the world in terms of the fire fighting solutions on offer, the biggest challenge for the customers is that this trade is a scattered one. There is no brand in the genre that offers a holistic fire safety range, ranging from extinguishers to suppression systems and everything in between, and a customer if left to deal with multiple suppliers for their fire safety requirements.

Ceasefire aims to fill this gap and revolutionize the fire safety space in the UK. With massive investment in the country in terms of investing in an office space, a futuristic demonstration facility called the Ceasefire Advance Intelligence Centre, warehouse and stocking points; Ceasefire is equipped to cater to every kind of fire safety requirement that arises.

With its globally certified, holistically integrated range of fire fighting solutions, the company is amongst the rarest in the world to have such a diverse product portfolio. The range includes a complete spectrum of solutions including Fire Extinguishers – powder, water, foam, CO2 and clean gases based extinguishers, the specialized extinguishers for metal fires, and a range dedicated to the revolutionary watermist technology to name a few. In-panel systems for cabinet protection – that include LPCB approved CQRS and suppression solutions for extremely small spaces called Mini. Powder, watermist or gaseous agent based Room Systems and specialized Kitchen Suppression Systems including commercial and domestic watermist and wet chemical based systems, and other Specialised Fire Fighting Systems, as part of a single eco-system.

In addition to the all-encompassing product range, Ceasefire offers some unique solutions that are trendsetters in the industry like the Ceasefire Launcher that is an extinguisher + suppression system or a Mini that is world’s smallest suppression system to an Atom X which is world’s first retrofittable fire suppression system.

While the general trend in UK is skewed towards importing the fire safety equipment from all over the world including China, Ceasefire’s competitive edge likes in its cutting edge manufacturing capabilities. Ceasefire’s production facility is one of the most advanced in the world and is fully compliant to the Factory Production Control (FPC) requirements of the highest global standards including EN3, EN1866, LPCB, BSI, MED, PED, VDS and OHSAS.

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